Amanda Crosby


Over 15 years of Art Production Management and Development in videogames, graphic and web design and product development.



Production Tools: Agile Development experience, Waterfall Planning experience, various project management tools like MS Project, Excel, and version control packages like Perforce and VSS, in addition to the standard suite of Office tools and a few proprietary bug tracking databases and related clients.

Art Tools: 3DS Max, Maya, Modo, Photoshop, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Ilustrator, InDesign, HTML, CSS. Runtime Engines: Gamebryo, numerous in-house and proprietary engines (Milo, Hammer, Slayer, and more) some Unreal3 and Unreal4, some Unity.

Machine Tools: 4 axis CNC mill, Hotwire, plotter, epson digital large format printer


 Relevant Experience_____________________________ 

Freelance Artist       (Currently and ongoing...)

Currently clients include: 

  • MEAR Partners, LLC
  • Tea Witch Cafe
  • Robothorse Productions


Crescent Decal                  02/17 – 08/17

3D Designer/Mill Specialist

Responsibilities included:

  • Design and modeling of 3D objects for milling
  • Parting out the models appropriately for milling
  • Working collaboratively to determine build for all multipart objects
  • Setting up all CAM files for milling ensuring no tool strikes, efficient use of materials and ease of assembly
  • Milling the actual objects
  • Paint and finish mockups and working closely with the finishing team to make sure final product matched vision client required
  • Assisting in finish painting, sculpting and assembly when necessary


Freelance Artist       08/09 – 2/17

Clients Included: 

  • Disney
  • Motion Logic Studios
  • TSI Interactive
  • TreeSpirit Wellness
  • Petite Palace
  • Tea Witch Tea


Double Fine Productions           03/08 - 07/09  

Associate Producer on Brutal Legend

  • Managed all aspects of art production and project management from concept through final delivery. 
  • Responsibilities included:
  • Developing and maintaining effective project plans and schedules for all elements of game development
  • Creating and evaluating tasks planned for each milestone for usefulness and efficiency
  •  Forecasting, developing and executing staffing and resource plans required to deliver milestones on time
  •  Identifying resource gaps and surpluses acrossteams and developing resourcing solutions and recommendations to resolve gaps or redeploy resources to maximize utilization and efficiency
  • Collecting and developing materials and editorial for art book for Brutal Legend
  • Budgeting, scheduling and reporting
  • Communications, both internally and externally, on all aspects of a project
  • Organizing and executing team building activities like ski weekends and rafting weekends, and other errata always part of producing like providing rides to tired engineers or artists late at night, handling lunch orders for meetings, prepping materials for meetings, making sure any milestone drop is 100% proofed and perfect before delivery to client or publisher, etc.


Liquid Development             12/02 - 9/07

Art Manager

Managed all aspects of production, from concept through final delivery, for numerous clients / products, at this industry-leading full-service art house. Projects spanning the full gamut of interactive art production including concept art development; character development, creation, rigging and animation; environment design, development and creation; and individual prop asset design, creation and development

Responsibilities included:

  • Art direction and management for all aspects of each project
  • Writing the requirements for all projects, including the documenting production pathways and deciphering new engine technology
  • Creating standards for the artwork produced for the project. This would often require (acting as an artist) creating the template for style and quality in all aspects of the work to be done for the artists to use as a bar and guide to match for consistency
  • Maintaining stylistic and quality consistency across all artists and elements of the project during production
  • Management of multiple projects with their own individual teams of artists, clients and reporting structures internally and externally simultaneously
  • Management of multidisciplinary teams of up to 20 artists per project with multiple projects running in paralleBudgeting, scheduling and reporting
  • Communications, both internally and externally, on all aspects of a project 

Titles included: (not a complete list)

Rockband (Xbox360) - responsible for the art and technical direction on all guitars and amps (approximately 400+ guitars and 40+ amps). Created a materials Photoshop document that allowed artists to simply eyedrop the correct value for all elements of the materials including diffuse, alpha, alpha mask, cube mask, and specular materials.

Guitar Hero II (Xbox, PS2) - responsible for the art direction on all guitars. Also personally created approximately 10 of the guitars myself (including some fun ones like the axe, the coffin, the resin guitar with the fly in it, all the Les Pauls, the LP doublecut with stickers, and more…).

Freaky Creatures (mobile, PC, various handhelds) - responsible for the art and technical direction for creation of full environments and effects for several worlds, 12 fully animated, customizable characters including loads of interchangeable parts (like tails and wings), as well as learning all engine functions in order to advise the client on usage.

Scene It! (Xbox360)- responsible for art direction on concept art and character creation and rigging for 25 characters.

Warhawk (PS3) - responsible for art direction for a multitude of environments, portions of environments, modeling uvs and LODs of 100's of buildings and their destructed states, cinematic sets.


2D + 3D Artist for Liquid Development

Responsibilities included modeling and texturing a broad range of environmental props from small elements to complete environments, as well as character modeling and texturing. Projects as artist included: Matrix II, Ultima X Online, Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth Online, Mojo Masters, Warhawk, Fate, Hellgate, Guitar Hero II, Aliens, and more.


Cinemaware         8/02 - 1/03


Responsibilities included level texture painting and mapping and level blocking, and 3d modeling of interface elements, level optimization (specific levels: siege and archery).


AllBusiness/Bigvine                6/00 - 6/02

Director of Development

Responsibilities included product management and the management of the product management team, writing and overseeing the writing of all Business Requirements Document and Engineering Requirements Documents, project scheduling and budgeting, of product development, working with engineering and QA to build the products defined in the BRD and ERD specifications, tracking of ROI from all products, working with business development and senior management to define new audiences and product offerings, running focus groups, and rolling up all status reports into a single overarching status for senior management including risks, successes, general status, needs and anything else important that arose.



§  Sarah Lawrence University – Freshman Year (pre-med major, art minor)

§  Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY B.A. - Studio Arts


Ella Van Dyke Tuthill in Sculpture